Trendy Tots Resale Shop

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We make selling a breeze! We buy 7 days a week!

To make both the selling and buying experience the best that it can be for our customers we will be putting a hold on buying clothes from the 25th - end of each month. This will allow us to get quotes to you faster as well as help us keep up on discounting and organizing. Thank you for your understanding. 

There are two convenient, quick, no-fuss ways to sell!

ON-THE-SPOT: If you have less than 20 items to sell, we can process them while you shop! This generally takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. It is a first come, first served basis, so you may need to wait in line, but we can usually let you know the wait time when you walk in. Just remember, we always stop buying an hour before we close.

DROP-OFF: If you have over 20 items, please put everything in a tub with a lid or a box that closes. Limit 2 regularly sized or 1 large container per drop off. Please make sure your containers are in good condition, as we stack them. When you come in, we'll get some information from you, and that's it! We go through your items, quote what we are able to take, and return any items that we are unable to purchase. The process usually takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks, and we can let you know a timeframe to expect when you drop off.

Turn your cluttered bedroom, closet, garage, basement, storage tubs into cash!